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Freedoms and Blackberries

I spent the first month of 2016 in NYC for Yoga Works Teacher Training.

During Yoga Works Teacher Training (YWTT) we spent many hours reading and discussing the yoga Sutras. Many of them have similaries to scripture from the Bible, many do not. Some I think of as mindful words to help me grow in my journey with Christ, some I have just chosen to ponder, pray about, and work out what Patanjali was searching for. 


Helping your students thrive in the classroom!

All necessary for a classroom to thrive. If you’re interested in simple ways to create thrive in your classroom, without leading to burn out, read on!
Within one classroom, you have an educated adult and a group of children and/or teens, all from different life-situations. Maybe you have an extra adult in the classroom, but even then, you are adding to the mix of personalities, struggles and character traits.
I think teachers are amazing! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Educating in math and reading are simple tasks in comparison to getting everyone to the point of being ready to take in the knowledge and learn how to apply it.
As a teacher, with only 7 hours per school day, how do you make all of that happen, and maintain your own level of joy? 
May I introduce you to essential oils? And not any essential oil, but Young Living’s essential oils. You know have a tool that helps get everyone ready to be on the same playing field. And that is better than magic. That is a classroom that can thrive.
So how do they work?
Simply. Everything about human beings begins at the cellular level. God designed our bodies to have the capability to re-wire themselves. Just think how life in the United States has changed in the last 200 years. From the foods we eat, the invention of the light bulb to smart phone, to how sleep we get, what work looks like… We adapt. However, we sometimes adapt in unhealthy ways, which lead to unhealthy changes..
Now that we know what we can do. Let’s look at what’s around us. Plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, weeds, herbs… They all have their own cellular structure as well. Now, let’s narrow it down to just the chemistry of an essential oil. Essential oils are complex. Each oil may have hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.
Essential oils, in their purest form, no pesticides, no genetic modifications, are highly concentrated. Unlike dried herbs, they require large volume of plant material to produce small amounts of a distilled oil. This makes them very potent, and when they are used on the human body (topically, ingested or inhaled) their chemical make-up  affects our makeup. And because they have so many compounds, each oil can provide different benefits to us. Ex: let’s say you need everyone in your class to chill a bit, but so they can focus, not fall asleep! Awesome, add some lavender and peppermint to a diffuser and each human in the classroom will get the benefit they need at a cellular level.
So, it’s testing season, and you know that you have a handful of your students who are not confident; you have other students who are just downright squirrelly; and then another group that are well-rested, confident and ready to go. You know your students, so you add a few drops of essential oil to your classroom diffuser, and give them all a boost. The oils work and everyone begins testing in a better headspace. 
Sound too good to be true? Experiment with it yourself. I guarantee it is worth investing in some oils and getting a good diffuser and giving it a go.
If you don’t know where to start! I’d love to help you! Just click the button below and I’ll get you started with an incredible deal with the best oils ever!
We are not here to diagnose, treat or cure, we are not here to make any medical decisions for you or your family. You should always seek medical treatment when needed and never delay medical treatment because of something you see in this event.

There are numerous references and resources available at sites like,, and even Amazon. There are also reference apps available for your cell phone or tablet! Every decision you make for your family should be an informed one, so use the information at your fingertips to make the best decisions for you!


September has arrived!

Pumpkin spice lattes, a few cozy pieces added to my wardrobe, we have a series of birthdays to celebrate—ahh—some of my favorites things...

Do me a quick favor: take a few moments to think through your September calendar. As you mentally go the activities, special events, work projects and celebrations—did you make sure to include a few lines for yourself?



A pattern: A set way in which something is done; is organized or happens. Specific instructions to guide a process. An example for others to follow. Patterns help us in our daily lives unless the pattern was created with faulty information. Let’s start with a simple example, Triangle Pose. Let's pretend you were you taught the pose just by its basic shape. The basic shape that maybe lift up your front big toe on the front foot as you inner thigh back on your back leg. (Please do not follow these instructions—they are faulty.)

To listen, love and lead.

Most of us listen with just 25% efficiency. Chances are that even when we are not speaking or on our smart phones, we are thinking about what we will say, rather then being present and truly listening to what is being said to us. This week we will dive into some practical ways to practice how to listen, love and lead well.

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